How do you stuff ten pounds of potatoes in a five-pound bag?


Contrary to popular belief- life isn’t a bowl full of cherries- it’s one massive continuous stream of e-mails, texts, & tweets! To some degree- we are a self inflictive society- giving up our freedom to the technology masters that come in all shapes, sizes and colors with the one commonality- these devices seem to be getting smaller every day.

My generation in its youthful time probably had more in common with dinosaurs than today’s younger generation. To give you a better perspective- I started in the creative packaging business almost 30 years ago when the only “high-tech stuff” was the fax machine- FedEx was offering a fax service- you would take your documents down to a FedEx station- they would fax them to the recipient’s nearest FedEx station & then a FedEx delivery person would deliver those documents to the recipient. A pay phone booth & a beeper to retrieve messages from my Phonmate were my channels of communication.

If you’re in graphics- you’ll appreciate this- artwork we produced was created using mechanicals, for which pin hole registration was the method to correctly layer the separate elements & colors on sheets of mylar (acetate) mounted on chipboard- then expedited to the plant by courier.

Wow! Have things changed! And I believe for the better! Now with instant communication and technology we can produce much more in less time and yes- with less human touch.- And that’s my point exactly!

I believe there is wisdom in moderation, especially when you consider that texting, to some degree, is beating out drunkenness as a major factor in transportation related deaths & injuries.

So how do you fill ten pounds of potatoes in a five-pound sack?

Answer- cut them down to size- reduce their bulk in any other way- jut like our daily tasks!

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