Don’t understimate the power of packaging!

How a product is packaged does factor into the consumer’s choice of that specific product. If the packaging looks interesting- the consumer will pick it up and you’re halfway home to a sale! The perfume industry is a great example of this.

I have been in the creative packaging industry for almost 30 years and have worked in the sales kit & presentation part of this fun business. Here are a few shots of the kind of work we do- branding products & services in a package that is both informative & fun and makes a lasting impression on the customer.

Here are two examples of how packaging won the sale-

Jhirmack Shampoo’s Ad Agency came to us & wanted a sales kit to pitch some of the Southeastern Big Box Stores. We created a Shampoo Sample Kit that looked like a large white bible with Victoria Principal’s (Jhirmack’s spokesperson) screened on the front cover. We used taffeta cloth that looked like the gold gilded pages of an expensive book for the edging.  The outside of the kit looked like a “must have” that buyers were very interested in seeing.
Inside the kit was space for literature on the inside front cover & the inside the back cover had recesses to hold samples of the Jhirmack Shampoo.
The overall presentation of their Shampoo sample kit brought Jhirmack many new accounts.

In another case- a food service company was pitching for the contract for Ellis Island’s food catering contract. They had to provide several ring binders that would hold their detailed proposal for the Ellis Island purchasing team. We made the ring binders look like antique steamer trunks that immigrants used in the turn of the 20th century as they entered New York including the retro look of shipping labels & leather straps that secured the total effect.

So don’t underestimate the power of packaging- People do judge a book by its cover!

Al Bagocius @

One Response to “Don’t understimate the power of packaging!”

  1. What you say is absolutely true – packaging can help to sell a product – there is no doubt about it. I think that’s why when a certain look or certain colors become popular, you see a lot of copying going on. Since you’re in the business, do you find that the copy cats do indeed crop up when packaging sells?

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