Need awake-up call? Ask Albert Einstein!


Here’s a quote from Albert Einstein-

 “The thinking that got you where you are today, won’t take you where you want to go tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on Einstein’s quote & how relevant is it for today’s world?

6 Responses to “Need awake-up call? Ask Albert Einstein!”

  1. 1 Masood

    Yes,we have to plan our efforts to climb the forth coming ladder.

  2. In order to succeed in anything in life whether it be business, career, a sport, relationships, you constantly need to address how you can improve. You need to focus on what is going to make you outstanding – different from the rest.

  3. 3 Tom

    There is almost no business that is not touched by technology and very few people who don’t integrate technology into their daily life. With the speed of change in technology and a constant effort to determine how those changes can help us improve ourselves, our business, our lives, it is clear that “the thinking that got you where you are today, won’t get you there tomorrow”.

    Now I would believe that Einstein meant that in a scientific way, in other words, techniques, processes, assumptions will always change with every new bit of knowledge we acquire. So with new knowledge comes new assumptions, with new techniques comes new results, etc.

    For business, those who adapt new technologies to reach their audience in ways never considered in the past will get the highest level of attention in those markets among those customers who are finding information in ways they never considered.

    Think of the newspaper. While there may be some market for some narrow product area longer term, the fact is that consumers are getting their information from many other digital sources. News organizations which don’t adapt will be left with a lot of pulp and nothing to print on it!

    And what about celluloid film? If you’re in the camera business and not producing digital cameras, well you’re not really in the camera business.

    Where will people get news in 25 years? Possibly a brain chip implant. How will people take “pictures”? Will there be pictures? Or will there be 3D memory storage with infinite output options?

    That’s the kind of thinking that will be needed to get us there tomorrow.

  4. 4 vijay


    all your posts and innovative and made me think.

    Thanks and Regards

  5. In order to answer this question you need to know where you want to go tomorrow. Where you want to go tomorrow may change as the day progresses and approaches tomorrow. All we know for sure about the future is that customers are going to want better service at the same or reduced price and a reduced schedule. All the while expecting a better product.

    So I agree that the statement is relative to today. I am not sure how many companies live it. In order to live it you need to have a culture that is not only forward thinking but also innovative in its forward thinking. Sometimes the direction (destination) is going to change midstream. This is okay as long as the company culture still supports the innovative thinking. The key to driving this type of culture is values and metrics that will not keep a process moving that adds nothing to the bottom line of your company or your customers. This innovative thinking needs to be measured (and can be) and encouraged or re-directed. Great companies do this.

    Fantastic customer service once offered is now the new standard. What was innovative yesterday is common place today. Soooo if we aren’t constantly redefining where we want to go tomorrow we are outdated.

    It’s not so much where do we want to go tomorrow as much as, where could we be? What if this were possible? What if…?

  6. That is so true. It is not thinking that takes one to where one is going it is the actions associated with the thinking that causes the progress. One’s thinking has to continually evolve in order to make progress or stagnate. Progress is dependant on how one thinks, what they think about and the application of doing to become the creator of your own world.

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